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Yo! My name is Jesse Keller

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I've spent the last decade sharpening my skills as a mix engineer in a changing industry, but with a different mindset than anyone else who would also call themselves a pro mixer...

Most people want to learn their mix techniques from engineers who have mixed for all the

A-listers on the Billboard charts, and who like to take pictures with their $100k + recording consoles in the background.  I will admit to being in that same boat.  I wanted to drool over their API or Neve console instead of the info they were trying to tell me. 

But that's what I call "learning from a pipe dream."


In today's music world independent artists have it better than ever before.  You have access to all the tools the pros do and you are only an "implementation step" away from Grammy glory.

So why would you want to learn from someone who clearly doesn't deal with the same daily challenges you do?

Early on in my career I decided that I only want to learn from those who A) know the crap what they're doing, and B) actually understand what I go through as an indie artist everyday. 

So I've learned and I've "grinded" for over a decade now.  And while I enjoy taking a tip here and a tip there from the "pros" - the Pensados', Slates', and Duponts'.  I prefer to find someone I can connect with (someone who feels my daily struggle) when I need to learn something new. 

That's why I'm here.  

I'm an Artist.

I'm a composer.

I'm a producer first...

I was a mix engineer last.....Because I needed to be.  

You're biggest asset as an independent artist or composer right now is your freedom.

Over the last decade, I've SAVED over $100k in Mix fees


There's no way I could have put out enough content to make a full-time living if I had been paying that kind of coin to get my music and the music of my clients to measure up to radio tunes. 

Let me show you how to do the same.   For the cost of ONE MIX.  You can learn the skill of mixing so you never have to depend on someone else again.  

Keep creating.  Keep Mixing.  Keep Living the Dream. 

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Mixes featured on:

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