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$39.00 NOW $25

PLUG'N PLAY Preset Pack

Over 100 Channel Strip Presets 

Mix Template |  Bonus Videos

** included with Mix Essentials and Vocal Essentials

The Plug n' Play Preset Pack is the quickest way to professional sounding mixes.  Within a few clicks you can load pro-level, industry standard channel presets.   

  • 50+ "Track" Channel Strip Settings 

  • 50+ "Bus / Output" Channel Strip Settings

  • Mix Template - including custom routing for bus processing and vocal effects.

  • "JK Plugin doc." - access to my tested and vetted plugin list (FREE and CHEAP) to add to your tool belt.

BONUS video: "The Mindset of Buying Plugins" - don't get sucked down the slippery slope of buying plugins you don't actually need.  Know when it's worth investing your money.

BONUS video: "Mix Prep 101" Learn to properly prepare your song for mix.

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PLUG 'N PLAY Preset Pack




Over 50 "track" Channel Strip Settings 


Over 50 "Bus"

Channel Strip Settings

New Eq.png


Amazing FREE and CHEAP plugins that I use on almost every mix

The routing alone will re-focus your mixes and give you back your creative edge.




BONUS videos

The Mindset of Buying plugins: and how NOT to get sucked in

Mix Prep 101

Are you sick of listening back to your mixes days, weeks, or years after release and

hating what you hear?


You either decide you never want to put music out again...


you want to  "pay a professional next time"


The "Plug 'n Play Preset Pack" is the QUICKEST way to take your mixes to the next level.

Using these tools I've created over the last 10 years you'll be able to get professional sounding mixes with a click of a button.

Load the preset and you'll be 80% there!

You don't need more gear

You don't need to spend more money on plugins

You can get professional sounding mixes using what you already have within


Logic Pro X ... and a FREE rockin' suggestions from my PLUGIN LIST.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 12.36.12


JKA Drum Bus.png
JKC Drum Loop.png
JKB Vocal Bus.png
JKA Female Vox.png
JKA Drum Room Smash.png


Do these presets work in other DAW's?
Right now the presets are only available to use in Logic Pro X.
How will I get access to the pack?
Upon checkout you will be prompted to download (you will also get an email with this same link) of a document.  In that document you with have a private link and password to access the download page.  Simply Click download and you will get a ZIP folder with all the Assets. 
What plugins do I need to make the most of the preset pack?
About 40% of the presets are using "stock" Logic plugins, 40% are using other "free" plugins that you'll have access to in the JK_Plugins Doc, and 20% used additional plugins that are cheap or affordable (also references on the JK_Plugins DOC)
I'm interested in the Mix Essentials course but I also want the PnP Preset Pack, can I get a discount?
Actually, both Mix Essentials and Vocal Essentials courses INCLUDE the Plug n Play Preset Pack
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