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Vocal Essentials

Over 2.5 hours of video training. 

There is no room for error when it comes to vocal production.

Master the techniques every a-list producer and mixer are using to get "that vocal sound"

Follow along as we Record, Edit, Tune, and Mix a Pop vocal from start to finish.

**Plug 'n Play Bundle included ($39 value)

The vocal performance and production is the single element that can take a song from "home-made" to the Grammy stage.  A track is only as good as the vocals telling the story.  

But why does it seen so difficult to translate the vocal you hear in your head to the end product?  I'm going to walk you through step-by-step how to get a radio-ready vocal from home.

  • Recording + Comping (video) - Step into my studio as I record a pop vocal and focus on the best parts of the performance.  This is the foundation to an amazing final product.

  • Editing (video) - Editing is one of the most underrated steps in the vocal production/mixing process. I'm going to show you how to easily implement pro editing techniques into your workflow.

  • Tuning (video) - In today's music scene, unless you have an un-human vocalist EVERY VOCAL on the radio is tuned. Tuning vocals is a requirement as an engineer and music creator.  It's really not that scary.

  • Mixing (video) - Getting a clean, professional sounding vocal requires so many steps.  Don't do all that work in vain by letting the vocal mix fall flat.   

BONUS video: "The Mindset of Buying Plugins" - don't get sucked down the slippery slope of buying plugins you don't actually need.  Know when it's worth investing your money.

BONUS video: "Mix Prep 101" Learn to properly prepare your song for mix.

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A professional sounding vocal begins with a good recording.

Streamline your tracking process



Avoid sounding like a novice.  Learn how to use the editing tools you have right in front of you. 



Vocal Tuning can be scary to tackle for the beginner.  But it's not as crazy as you

might think.



Don't waste a great lyric and vocal performance by letting your mixing techniques fall short.

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Picture this...

You're listening to your latest song release on a Spotify playlist...

And when your song ends and the next "professional" song comes on you hate your life.

"Why can't I get my vocals to sound like that?"

"How do the artist I love get their vocals to sound so great every time?"

Some people pin it to a fluke or spending a fortune on vintage mics.  


It's definitely not a fluke... and sure vintage mics are great


but there are Grammy artists creating

music everyday from their bedroom with basic equipment.

The difference is they know how to use the tools they have


and they implement industry-standard techniques into their work flow ... EVERY TIME!

I'm going to show you from start to finish how to get a radio-ready vocal from home. 

You ready?


"The [****] reverb trick is so amazing and the compression lesson was really really stinking good."

Ryan L.


"I thought I had a pretty good grasp on how to mix, but Jesse showed me subtle changes in my thought process that will allow for even more of a lively mix."

Andrew V.


"This is for newcomers and mixing veterans.  Easily the best crash course in mixing that I've gone through."

Jared F.

Film Composer

"In the first five minutes I learned something that will revolutionize the way that I record and mix."

Aubrey M.

Songwriter / Artist

"Mix Essentials was incredibly helpful for me as a musician. Jesse broke down the mix process so that even a beginner like myself could have a good handle on it."

Jessica S.

Musician / Songwriter




Mix Engineer | Composer | Artist | Producer 

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Hi! My name is Jesse Keller and I'm a Mix Engineer among other things.  

To be successful as an Artist or Producer in today's music industry you need to stay in front of people. And the way to do that is to put out tons of content...

The one roadblock most indie artists run into is Mixing.  What good is a hard drive filled with hits if you can't release them because they don't measure up to the quality we are all accustomed to listening to? 

I've spent the last decade....

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